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  • 1. Department of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Sciences, Lerner Research Institute Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, United States
  • 2. Center for Microbiome and Human Health, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, United States https://wordhtml.com/

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Gut microbe-targeted choline trimethylamine lyase inhibition improves obesity via rewiring of host circadian rhythms

Authors: James Anderson

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By James Anderson

Obesity has repeatedly been linked to reorganization of the gut microbiome, yet to this point obesity therapeutics have been targeted exclusively toward the human host. Here, we show that gut microbe-targeted inhibition of the trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) pathway protects mice against the metabolic disturbances associated with diet-induced obesity (DIO) or leptin deficiency (Lepob/ob). Small molecule inhibition of the gut microbial enzyme choline TMA-lyase (CutC) does not reduce food intake but is instead associated with alterations in the gut microbiome, improvement in glucose tolerance, and enhanced energy expenditure. We also show that gut microbial CutC inhibition is associated with reorganization of host circadian control of both phosphatidylcholine and energy metabolism. This study underscores the relationship between microbe and host metabolism and provides evidence that gut microbe-derived trimethylamine (TMA) is a key regulator of the host circadian clock. This work also demonstrates that gut microbe-targeted enzyme inhibitors have potential as anti-obesity therapeutics.

Your Personality with Chiron in Cancer
Your Personality with Chiron in Cancer

Authors: James Anderson

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There are many different ways to interpret the personality traits of Chiron-in-Cancer. Some Chiron in Cancer natives are hyper-emotional and care about their family and friends to an alarming degree. Chiron in Cancer people sacrifice their own needs to provide warmth and affection for their children. This trait can make them appear too dependent on others. These traits can actually be beneficial if the Chiron of Cancer native accepts themselves as they are. People born under this sign are deeply concerned about their families. They might have suffered trauma in childhood and may be susceptible to criticism. They may also have a difficult time making decisions. A person born under the Cancer sign with Chiron can be an emotional healer and help others overcome their inner struggles. While this is an extreme example, a Chiron in Cancer personality trait doesn't always indicate the presence of a past life trauma. The actions of others can also cause deep hurt for someone born under Chiron, Cancer. These emotional wounds may manifest as deep feelings of inadequacy and loneliness. This lack of love and affection may cause a person to feel unworthy of being loved. These wounds can cause them to avoid love and/or seek it in unhealthy relationships. Their self-esteem drops and they withdraw from relationships. Source with Chiron (Cancer) often needs a companion to feel fulfilled. Their relationships are their way to alleviate pain and confirm fears of never being loved. cancer will likely seek out an unattainable partner. Women with Chiron in Cancer need a mother who is the ideal Mother. They must also learn to love themselves without needing approval from others. Chiron in Cancer can be very sensitive. They can be easily triggered by others, and may resort to using their friends and families to mask their emotions. They can also escape the pain and emptiness caused by their emotions through fantasies. These traits are not uncommon in Cancer males. This can be a problem in your life. People with Chiron in their natal charts can feel unworthy and depressed. They might have had a difficult childhood and struggled to fit in with their peers. Because of this, they often harbor maternal instincts. These feelings can be channelled towards you and you'll be able offer yourself the same support and love as you would for a child. You may feel unlovable because they will be receiving your love. Chiron in Cancer is very personal and can require a lot reflection on your own past experiences. While zodiac signs generally indicate your deepest wounds, they also have characteristics that can be too extreme. Aries' impulsivity, boldness, and inability to accept other people's opinions can be signs of their unconscious tendency. In some cases Chiron in Cancer may cause a person's anger toward those who love them most.